Thursday, 16 July 2009

Jam Packed July and a Football or two

I have a spare 20mins so i thought i shall update the old white balance blog! its been a while! Cant believe we are half way through July already! last month was crazy and it seems July has carried on the trend! We have been busy on a couple more illustrations for BBC Focus Magazine (issue released 30th July!)Last week we finished 12 Exhibition stand CGI's for our Paintworks neighbors at Ignition DG, Unfortunately Ignition have whisked the views off to the USA for a series of presentations. Hopefully we can show them off soon!
The White balance entered the Annual Bristol Media 5 aside football tournament last Sunday (12th July)! After some very poor preparation Team White Balance rolled up in matching football shirts (no time to print logos) and a team put together the night before due to injuries and last min drop outs. Oh dear it wasn't looking good for our boys, never kicked a football together and entering a tournament! The guys did good! but not good enough! if it wasn't for those pesky kids! Theres always next year. Here's some lovely photo's of the day by Neil Young.Photography (capturing Team White Balance Versus Team Aardman (Blue) Result 2-2 - Pahhh so what if they have an Oscar!)

Thats all for this month busy busy i better get back to it - what ever it is! just better do it.......

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