Friday, 17 April 2009

Crimes of Passion - Bristol

After a few crazy weeks here at the white balance, we thought it was long overdue that we took a trip around this city we call home and see whats about.

Our first stop was the crimes of passion exhibit at the Royal West Of England Academy. There was some out standing work on display and some pretty crazy stuff too.

Graffiti meets historic architecture now that's our cuppa tea!

Now don't get us wrong it's not that we don't love our work, but over the coming months we are planning on getting out of the office a little more. At the weekend we are off to that place they call London, maybe snap a gherkin or too!
Pics of Guildford and London coming next week. In the mean time matt will be finishing the new logo for Walsh Bro's. Website coming soon!

Well let you be the judge of our work!

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