Friday, 1 May 2009

Wedding bells are ringing.

So as it's my little sisters wedding this summer we couldn't very well let her go and get some wedding invitations designed and printed somewhere else now could we!!

With a clear idea of style for the wedding we went for it, creating a three piece card for the day invitiation and single card with ribbon tie for the evening invitation.

We have even designed an identity and logo for the wedding, well it is what we do!

Not only do we have all the joys of the wedding we also get to enjoy the atmosphere of Goldbrick house for the service.

We are unfortunately not planning on making it regular service at the white balance, but it was definitely good to see the potential scope of various design and print markets.

We all know weddings are big business.

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Joseph Yarrow Weddings said...

Definatly one of the smartest invitation designs I've seen.