Thursday, 21 February 2008

kodak moments

well as i sit in a little internet cafe in ko samui i thought i'd post some much awaited snaps of our epic time so far! im fully recovered now!!! the illness and drama is over. Phi Phi beaches, sun and anti biotics cured me so im not coming home now - there was an oscar peformance where on my death bed in our Phi Phi tree house, where i announced that it was all too much and i wanted my mum!! haha - stace maybe you arent the only peformer in the family! so our last couple of days were interesting on Phi Phi - as im all better now, obviously the way this trip works it was matts turn for the rough time :-( as you can see from the pics below mattanaldo played a game of football with some locals - but - the first aid kit came out for the first time - as matts feet got cut to pieces on the shells! ouch. being a "man" he had to play on - so they got worse. They have healed now after some TLC - matts ego hasnt healed after he was called, and i quote "ah you are baby feet" hehe. after Phi Phi we headed to Krabi for a night, and we did some proper back packing as we were dropped off on a beach and told to walk to the hostel, we found it and had a lovely night!, well anything would have been better than the tent we had stayed in 2 nights previous, i tried it are you proud?! but i dont think we will be staying in a tent on a beach again. The bugs and creepy crawlys have taken a liking to matt his feel are one big bite (ahhhh baby feet) - from krabi we got a coach across thailand to catch a ferry to ko samui. arrived last night in a resort on the north of the island called bophut beach!! the hotel is amazing and this resort is lovely and quiet with a stretch of really fancy bars and restaurants! its a fishermans village so we are quite chuffed to be staying here and calling this home for 5 nights. over the next few days we will explore samui then over to the nextdoor islands.

enjoy the pics! hope everyone is ok back home? any news? all sounds exciting about the wedding plans - and wow about the connection to posh and becks!!

stace hows life you little bumble bee? and more importantly did sam here back off hollyoakes??? me and matt want day passes!!!!

love to you all

lea and matt xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

these are all in a random order so read the captions....

sunset at the tip of phuket island
matt "baby feet" playing football (check out mr burns whimpering in the middle!)

matt in our tree house with the checkers board we made!! how creative of us.... (but someone stole it!!!:-( )

me in my tree house!! (stace NO jokes about my origins!!!)

this is the life! (phi phi island)

this photo was a mistake but we think its funny - check me out jamming to bob marley!!

phi phi island - they were building a new house and thats how they got the materials!

when i was ill :-(

bangkok - can you spot me? i was taking in some of the madness round me - you cant see it but infront of me was a park full of people (about 500) taking part in the biggest aerobic class!!

matt in a bangkok park

matt swinging on a ball (phuket)

me having ago (matt pushed me really hard and i was swinging for a while!)

matt chilling out on Phi Phi


pooch said...

Hi travellers!!

Well I feel I have neglected Ye Ole Blogger ... obviously contact has been made via Hollyoaks update ... but fear not in the words of Amy Winehouse the Blonde is Back To Black!

Firstly - the post before last - (the epic by Mattwii)- you deserve a pat on the back tres bien tres bien, it made me chuckle so more of the same please :-) Having said that this post was good too especially the piccies! hahaha now where do i start on them?!

I'll tell you what lets start at the very beginning because its a very good place to start when you read you begin with ABC when you sing you begin with DO RE MI -- lalalala sorry i morphed into Summer from Hollyoaks then!

so Fig.1 --> nice sunset i really feel you have captured the white balance grey scale render brenda here :-s!

Fig. 2 --> now why has this been drained of colour? Is it because Matts feet are bleeding that much the football is actually red? Or is it a design thing? Also im drawn to the position of Matt's hand its as if he wanted to playing under a palm tree so he decided to make the shape with his arm for effect!

Fig. 3 --> Ooo the game board looks good - your right very creative but the point is who won? and is that why it went missing?! mmmm!

Fig. 4 --> Leawii when you mention for me not to comment about a picture you know its exactly what im going to do!!! And I do believe this looks like a picture from a geography book "The Thai people live amongst tree's see Fig.4" haha yea so maybe I wasnt delivered in a milk bottle maybe the tables have turned and you were cut out a geography book!!!!

Fig. 5 --> How brown already?!

Fig. 6 --> Are you really listening to Bob Marley? Im sure I gave you that hairband?!!!

Fig. 7 --> did you help them? Or did you just observe them struggling with bails of straw?! Silly question really - of course you didnt!

Fig. 8. --> oo dear poor Mattwii having to cope with you ill haha I can just sense now the lethargic-ness of leannejanepike the beautiful!

Fig. 9 --> yea I saw that aerobic class too! if you just look to the left in the picture you will see a flash of blonde fur - yip that moi!!!

Fig. 10 --> I really think I need to sort out both you photograph postures! OOO actually Matt I know why your hunched over - its because your hat is heavy!

Fig 11 & 12 --> is this a very quick action shot? matt swung to the right jumped off and Leanne jumped on and swung back?!

Fig 13. --> wow they are big flip flops!!!

So that picture review over :-) but seriously it looks like ur having a really good time now that you are better again!

Everything is fine here, the Hollyoaks audition was stupid because his agent sent him for the same part it was before and he didnt know until he turned up and the script was the same!!!!! tsssh! But he is kind of enjoying Specsavers for now anyways and has sent his application form off for
the the Accountancy Apprenticeship thingy ma bob!!!! hehe! Ive got a few auditions coming next week so i'll let you know how they go!

Anyways Im off to ze gym now - its so cold here - ahhh im actually just a big transparent snowflake!!!!

Can you reply to the blogs too?! If you can reply to this!

Missing you lots xxxxxxxxxxxx

mumble said...

Hi there,
I just love the piccies, i want to jump at the screen and give you a big hug Lea!!! I'm missing our chats:( I'm glad that you have started to settle down into your adventure, it's only been 2 weeks but it seems so much longer!! You both seem to be more confident with you travels - it;s all good!! Just read all the comments that stacey has posted regarding the piccies. she makes me giggle, i'm sure you'll be chuckling aswell! All's wel here mummynewjob is fine, i love it, nice to do something that i feel i can do. An old man rang up the other day and when he asked who i was and i said Jane, he thought i said Cher and kept calling me Cher - how random is that, think he was a bit deaf!!!!Felt like i needed to burst into song! Anyway pops and i are well, counting the days till our holiday, can't wait. Keep blogging!! Love you and miss you more that ever. Keep safe and take care of each other always. Big Mummy hug xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DadofLea said...

How ya doin nomads!!!

Just a quickie from me this time. Really enjoying reading about your adventure to-date. Good to hear you've both turned the corner with the health issues. That can't have been fun!

Try sending the dog piccie again as it was too big to open on the laptop and for some reason Virgin didn't pass it through. Send them in lower resolution next time.

Keep takin care of each other and stay safe.


matts mum said...

Hello Matt & Lea
Enjoyed reading your last entry and great pics, keep them coming.
I will quickly fill you in with whats happening at home, Abi and Lee are now the proud owners of an Audi TT, Josh is now the owner of a severe case of jealousy.
Dad and John have been to collect the award for cranmore.
Gemma has lost her business partner, due to cold feet. I am sure she will fill you in on that one.
I have been to a Hotel exhibition this week, in London, It was pretty amazing. Lots of ideas for the grange. Yesterday I spent the day in casualty with great nan in wales, she had fallen and they thought maybe a fractured pelvis, but once again she has been sent home with a clean bill of health. This time they recognised both of us, that is worrying. When I had to fill in her date of birth it still amazes me 1909, that is quite incredible. Anyway enough dribble, Lots of love to you both, take care. Nan and grandad say hi,be safe love you. xxxxxxxxx

Sister Gem said...

The pictures are wicked! That beach hut looks very similar to the one we stayed in!! Was it on long beach? Glad to know you are better now and call fully enjoy yourselves.
As mum said chris bottled out of the castle combe venture so now i am going for 50% (instead of 33%)Just hope it will be worth it!!
I am going away this week to see my friends from uni in chester so thats a little bit of excitement for me. I havent seen them in ages.
This week Martin is going to meet the Man U players with his Bro through the make a wish charity. Even though martin likes arsenal he is still like a little kid (or me) at xmas!! He gets to watch them train, meet them and have lunch in the players lounge etc!!
Anyway, take care enjoy every second cause it'll soon start wizzing by
love to you both
Gemma and Martin