Monday, 11 February 2008

sawat-dii kha (good-bye) Bangkok......

after an eventful 3 days we are leaving the random and wonderful land of koks. its been such a culture shock, we have seen beautiful parks and architecture along with dead dogs and melting face woman ( a homeless womans face was hanging down to the floor!!) i think 3 days here have been enough, i am so ready to see some lush beaches and open spaces! just sat in the airport now, poor matt is ill :-( he has sun stroke so i think we will find some shade over the next few days (obviously il find a sun patch right next to him). We are heading down south (sorry dad im becoming a southerner again!!) to phuket, and we are staying in a hostel in patong beach called "@nania" - authentic!! we are there for 4 nights then we plan to explore phi phi (thanks for that tip gemma) and stay in a beach bungalow!! just bought a big memory card for the camera so will post some pics next time we get to a comp (matts in cold turkey at the min from p.c's - so maybe its not sun stroke?!)

comment away its nice reading them :-) - keri (mum) how come you are called "matt loughran" on your comment?-look like ive been writing on my own blog :-(

love youuuuuu x


pooch said...

huh hummmm! NOTE: lack of sister acknowledgement (sp?) -
Fluff Ball i need some personal referencing in order to survive on a daily basis! Otherwise i curl up into a little ball (of fur) and rock bakcward and forward! Its all well and good you exploring Koks and Phuket but do not forget your people!! And anyways the people you described are spotted on Stockton High Street every week! Hehe! Ahhh it sounds so much fun - awww Matt i can sympathise with sun stroke - I think its Lea's demands to stay outside from sunrise to sunset! Ive suffered the sun stamina test!
Wii's did you get my Hollyoaks update?
Out of interest where do you go to go on the internet?
Im going to go to the gym today and for a swim so I can feel at one with you! It actually wuite sunny here today - but fear not no risk of sun stroke for me!
Right enough of my babbling babalon! Keep safe and dont catch Rabies from the dogs!

xxxx miss u xxxxxx

Simon said...

Sounds like you two have got right into it! Matt, what happened to your feet!!? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

mumble said...

this is a test!

mumble said...

Agghh!! This has been so frustrating to post a comment!! Have had stacey sorting it out, i tell you i'm hopeless where a computer is involved!! Always good to hear you news updates, poor Matt, first his feet, now he has sun stroke!Let's hope you're relaxing on your paradise beach:-)
Keep on posting us updates - looking forward to seeing some piccies soon. MIssing you, take care of each other, love always
Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

mumble said...