Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Sawadee (Hello) Phuket!

Well we actually did some off the shoulder traveling and manage to get our way from bangkok to the south, Phuket! (well we booked a flight and got on it, then got in a taxi and we were here not quite hardcore traveling but its a start.) Little fright at the airport when they updated the flights board with a 4 hour delay for our flight and saying the gate had changed. Found out (with not long to spare) they were just random changes on the screen and the flight was on time as normal, nice organization! So into Phuket and our first hostel, it is actually pretty decent, got a TV and everything, (only 25 channels of Thai stuff though) The only thing that keeps upsetting Leanne is the reception consists of a school style desk with a box of biscuits on it and some printed taxi signs blue-tacked to the wall, small random worries in a world of madness!

What we have found so far in Phuket.........

1 - Its hot, i was sun stroked before (or heat exhaustion as the sun doesn't actually get through the smog in bangkok) so now i (we) have that plus sunburn, and i was sat in the shade all day!

2 - There are strangely more taxi's/tut tut's than people

3 - Likewise more jet skis than people

4 - Odd one but lots of hairdresser

5 - More dogs and street meat, but the street meat looks like actual animals here rather than the left overs of a heavy night out like in bangkok.

6 - Scooters are nearly as cheap as beer, and you safer on one than walking as they just dont care about whats road, pavement, grass, beach or water, also the people you can get on it the better.

So to summarize, get a taxi here, towing an empty one (cause its spare) get dropped off to get your hair cut, grab a beer and scooter (from the same place) pick up as many locals as you can fit on your scooter and then see if you can find petrol (a petrol station is a drum on the side of the road with a hose-pipe handing out of it) Try and make your way to you hostel with one way systems that don't really apply whilst trying to knock over as many walkers as possible!

Job done, day in Phuket!

What else we have done, booked all the internal flights around Thailand. (For the parents) leaving the south on the 01/03/08 flying to Chaing-Mai (north) then back to Bangkok (not leaving the airport) on the 06/03/08, connect to our OZ flight to Melbourne! Also booked our camper van for NZ (lots of love for queenie the camper. "lp", sounds abit too gay for my liking. "ml") check it out http://cheapmotorhomes.co.nz/queenie_%E2%80%93_2_berth_hi-top_manual_5845_new_zealand_motorhome_rental.html(Si, this is the site if you wanna forward it to your dad, insurance adds on a bit to the price at the end)

So back to Phuket, saying here in Patong for 3 more nights whilst we try and arrange some kind of boat crossing to phi phi, but we are go out and discover more secluded beaches tomorrow, Kata is supposed to be nice (Then i am sure Leanne will tell you all about how i was going to make her walk that far cause it said it was only 2ish miles on the map!)

StacEy Pike a special mention for the hollyoaks update, it was like really watching it, (although the dramatization was well out of the range of beth's acting capabilities) but i think you might be on to something there, i am thinking about posting them in a separate blog!!

Mum, (Loughran) i left a magazine subscription card in the bedroom on the bookcase could you post it for me please?

Lots of love to all


Matts mum said...

Hi Matt & leanne, Have just finished laughing at your latest adventures, very amusing. Hope you are both recovering from your sunstroke. I would like to tell you something interesting about Keynsham but nothing springs to mind. You are the ones having the fun! Yes I will post the form,also what do you want me to do with your mail? Keep posting your adventures and look forward to your pics. Nan,gramps and very old nan send their love. Take care be safe. Lots love mum and dad.

Sister Gem said...

Very funny stories!! Sounds oh so Familiar!!! To get to Phi Phi you gotta go to harbour ( think its in phuket town or something) There are only few boats a day. First at 8.30 then 1.30 and one in evening. Best to get there early especially if you dont book accomadation before It costs about 400 baht one way. Long beach is the most amazing beach but nothing there at night. Get there by climbing over rocks from main resort. Or get long boat thing round for couple of quid.
How does she know this stuff i hear you ask!! I was reading my diary from last year trying to relive my journey too!!! The company we used were phi phi cruiser. Maybe you can find them on web if you need more info.
Not much happening here. Looking forward to seeing some pics.
Hope you are getting used to the craziness!!

Love Gemma and Martin

mumble said...

Hi sunburnt Wii's!!
Slap on more of the factor 35+ i think!!!! OMG i couldn't believe when you rang today, i had literally just put the phone down from Stacey - i thought it was her ringing back, you sound more alike long distance if that's possible LOL!! Glad the adventure continues, a few worries about the moped situation, remember Lea the opposite side of the road!! Matt look after her!! Continue having fun and taking care of each other, keep out the sun for a while, if that's possible. Love you lots Lea like jelly tots!!!
Love as always mim!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX