Friday, 8 February 2008

newbies arriving!

friday feb 8th 2008 - day one!

we have arrived safely after an ok flight - we watched dvd's, played computer games and matt slept - so pretty much a normal night for us! we found our way to a shuttle bus taking us to the hotel - BUT it took us to gridlock bangkok traffic jam - so we befriended a german couple (random) who took us to the sky train (it flies above the city) - and they showed us where to go, although the man properly fell over on the way! ouch. so we found that the sky train equals a happy leanne and matt - the roads however have enough dead meat (street meat is leannes name!!!) to keep leanne in the sky forever!!!

we made it to the hotel! its amazing!! - what a way to back pack ey! hummm could get used to this, so we are going to make the most out of these 3 days . got a nice top floor room so plenty of kodak moments of bangkok skyline! - although what is more amazing is matts feet have swelled up to reseble hover crafts - what a light weight :-p (henders not enough walking prep)

we are both pretty shattered so going to relax in the pool on the top floor........

we love youuuu

matt and leanne xxx


mumble said...

Hi Hunny, I'm blogging!!!!- Dad has- just- talked -through- the set up zzzzzzzzzz!!!!- Glad all is well in Thailand and you're having fun-we're just about to go out for the day- who knows where!! Note to Matt-you see i do the same type as Lea!! Only joking!! Will catch up with you in the morning with more news
Love you and take care of each other xxxxxxx

DadofLea said...

Hey you high flyers,

Great to hear you're there safely and living in a lifestyle you shouldn't get too accustomed to for long!!! What do you mean dead meat? Road kill or lots of stalls with meat to buy? Happy exploring.

Thank god it's the weekend I don't want to work anymore!!!


pooch said...

Hi Wii's!

Well well well how surreal - your in land of the Thai's and im in land of the Eng! Which would i prefer to be?! mmmm! I hope ur having an amazing time - is the hotel like the one we stayed in in turkey? if so - not too much watermelon leawii!!! haha .... gutted to hear nothing more exciting happened on your trip! although it was a 'trip' for ur new found friend hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!
The blonde one has returned to the northern quarter after the audition spree - still unemployed! damn it! yesterday was good tho - me and adam managed to get a recall and there was over 210 people there to start with so felt quite happy bout that! but thing is i really enjoyed the style of dancing we did so kinda wished i got a bit further! oh well!
I worked out ive walked just under 60 miles in the last 8 days! ahhh i am now under 4 ft! (joke of course)... anyways enough bout me get blogging u big blogs!

porceilin pooch love xxxxx

pooch said...

ive joined! ive got a blog space too called 'Pooch Days' dont really know why or how ive managed to do that but i have so there we go! now hopefully my name will be in blue like ma's nd pa's! love ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sister Gem said...

Hi guys!

Glad you got there safely and managed to get to your hotel! I guess you soon realised what i meant by the culture shock!! Hope your having fun exploring.

Thanks to Matt i am able to read this blog from the comfort of my front room as Mums computer is up and running at my house!! Yippie

Will be following the blogs

Take care

Gemma and Martin

abi said...

hello.!! this is so confusing. mum has just phoned me as she cant work it out!!! hope your having a fantastic time. i am so jelous. me and lee have spent the morning moving dirt!!!! fun fun fun. its really sunny here too!! take care xxxx

Matt Loughran said...

Hi to matt and lea. So glad to hear that you have arrived safely. Hostel sounds fantastic!!! This is now my third attempt to send a message, bloody blogging, I am so glad I have got 4 months to perfect this. Any way you two have a fabulous time keep us posted and take care. Lots of love from mum and dad. Josh says hi.xxxx